Benefits of Expanding Public Transportation

In the modern era, individual cars are a normal aspect of daily commutes to work, school, appointments, and errands. Many rarely think twice before hopping into their vehicle and driving along to wherever their destination lies. However, there are many reasons why this traffic infrastructure is not sustainable in certain areas of the country – particularly more populated areas. Public transportation offers a way to transport many people to many areas along the same motorway – and there are innumerable reasons why individuals should consider utilizing public transportation more than they currently do. Read on for 4 benefits of expanding public transportation.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

Public transportation offers an eco-friendly alternative to a multitude of vehicles on the road. With every vehicle you see on the road, greenhouse gasses are being released and contributing to an unhealthy atmosphere for our society and our planet as a whole. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, each typical vehicle emits 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide yearly. By reducing the amount of traffic, carbon emissions are effectively cut down as well. According to the United States Department of Transportation, bus transportation systems produce 33% less emissions than a standard vehicle.

Traffic Reduction

Reduce traffic for individuals going in the same direction. If you are heading to work in a busy area, it is safe to say there are many others who need to get to the same place at roughly the same time. All of these individuals using their own personal vehicles to get to the same location can cause traffic congestion and ultimately slow the path to work, school, or errands. For some, carpooling with coworkers is an effective solution. For others, riding a bus can be a fantastic way to relax or work ahead on projects while clearing traffic by choosing public transportation.

Cost Efficient

Bus cards and memberships can be cost efficient. The cost of gas ebbs and flows, but maintaining a personal vehicle is an expensive investment overall. Oil changes, car repairs, and frequent fueling means that you need to have money aside for ensuring your vehicle is up and running. Riding a bus may mean a slightly longer commute time, but it can be a way to reduce costs – as many public transportation systems provide options for memberships with affordable monthly or annual fees.

Less Disparity

Expanded public transportation options allow for less disparity for those who do not have a vehicle or who do not live within walking distance of amenities. Whether or not you could personally benefit from public transportation in your area, the truth is that these systems help close the gap for those who struggle financially or live in areas that make driving difficult. For individuals who do not have a vehicle or cannot afford vehicle maintenance, public transportation provides a way to get to work or school to be able to carve a brighter future ahead.

There are times where riding in your personal vehicle is necessary, and other times where it would be beneficial to utilize public transportation. Especially if living in a populated city area, using a bus to visit your destination can be an eco-friendly, cost-efficient alternative.