School Buses

About our School Buses

Florida Transportation Systems is proud to represent
Blue Bird and Micro Bird school bus manufacturers.

 These manufacturers offer pupil transportation professionals the safest and most dependable option for delivering students to the classroom day in and day out. Each manufacturer offers large and small capacity models along with wheelchair lifts and other specialty options. Blue Bird and Micro provide powertrain options on clean diesel, gasoline, compressed natural gas, propane and electric to compliment the fleet and adapt to a wide variety of infrastructures.

New school buses are also available for purchase by qualified customers through the Florida Department of Education’s contract for buses.  Please click here for more information.

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Since 1927, Blue Bird has made children’s safety their business.

With nearly 100 years of experience, modern technology combines with the Blue Bird history of strength, quality and dependability to solve all your transportation needs. The Blue Bird Vision school bus is Blue Bird’s Type C product offering – available with an electric powertrain in addition to diesel, gasoline, and propane powered engines. This purpose-built conventional bus can provide capacity for 29 passengers up to 77 students. The Blue Bird All American forward and rear engine school buses are Blue Bird’s Type D products – available with electric, diesel or CNG powered engines, these reliable buses can transport up to 84 students. Both the Vision and the All American models are available with wheelchair lifts, air conditioning, stability control, extended warranties and more options to make them an ideal addition to the fleet. 

With over 50 years of experience in the bus industry,

Girardin is a family owned company known for its innovations and industry firsts. Micro Bird specializes in Type A school, MFSAB and commercial buses with capacities ranging from 9 to 30 passengers. Girardin’s buses are intended for the school, childcare, Head Start, churches, tour and shuttle markets throughout North America. With over 30,000 buses to date, Girardin offers the highest level of quality in its products, customer service and support. The Micro Bird body is available on Ford and Chevrolet chassis with gasoline, diesel, propane and electric options. The Type A buses from Micro Bird offer an incredible total cost of ownership and provide enhanced safety for the driver and passengers. Micro Bird buses are available with wheelchair lifts, air conditioning, extended warranties and more options.