Blue Bird

School Buses

Florida Transportation Systems, Inc. is committed to reducing the total cost of ownership because we understand money saved on school buses allows you to put more money back into the classroom.

Along with its exceptional driver visibility and maneuverability, Blue Bird buses share many body parts between Blue Bird Vision and All American buses resulting in a reduction in parts and service complexity. With multiple fuel types and powertrain options available, each bus is specifically tailored to each customer allowing you to choose what works best to reduce your total cost of ownership and your specific operating requirements.

From chassis to body cockpit, Blue Bird buses are a winner: a purpose-built school bus from a purpose-driven company that is clearly best-in-class.

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Activity and Commercial Buses

Blue Bird offers a full line of activity and commercial buses and products. With varying vehicle sizes, capacities, fuel choices, and engine types, Blue Bird’s wide range of bus options ensures that customers tailor their transportation solutions to their specific needs – whether those needs are transporting a church congregation or shuttling workers to and from a job site.

Micro Bird

School Buses

Micro Bird’s purpose-built design further enhances the best-in-class durability and serviceability which allows Blue Bird Micro Bird to provide the greatest custom options for bus applications.

Micro Bird school buses deliver exceptional safety and stability, making them an excellent choice for your special needs applications. They are ready to be equipped with a variety of options to suit the needs of any passenger.

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Commercial Buses

Micro Bird designs and manufactures a complete line of buses purpose built for tours, shuttle markets, assisted living and much more.


ENC buses are known for safety, reliability and comfort. With superior models of buses for sale, a variety of floor plans and options, and carefully crafted one at a time they are the best choice for your mass transportation fleet. Whether you’re considering on-campus transportation, in-city transit, adding to your airport shuttle fleet, or interested in paratransit needs, we have what you need. Life moves fast but your passengers should always enjoy the journey.

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Goshen Coach

Since 1985, Goshen Coach has given people better, safer, and more reliable ways to get from point A to point B. They lead the transportation industry in the areas that matter most, with a team of dedicated experts and rigorous quality testing that goes well beyond industry standards.

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For over 45 years, BraunAbility has been committed to changing lives for people with physical disabilities through innovative mobility solutions that provide independence and ease-of-use. As the industry leader, and the brand most recommended by mobility dealers, BraunAbility combines the quality product solutions you need with the service and financing expertise you can trust.

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World Trans

Your path to one of the safest and most versatile bus lineups starts here. World Trans commercial buses have revolutionized the bus industry with a modular design that’s safer, more lightweight and offers a quicker turnaround time than the competition, all packed with industry-best features. Built on either a Ford E-350/450 or Chevy G3500/4500 chassis, each bus also comes available in a narrow or wide body design.

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After half a century of delivering Collins commercial bus, passengers and businesses can place their trust in Collins’ engineering and innovation as much as the company itself.

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Sunset Vans

With over 30 years of industry experience, Sunset Vans provides quality products with the utmost service for non-emergency medical transportation companies across the nation. Every vehicle is built to meet or exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), State, and Federal regulations.