Electric Buses

Electric makes cents.

Electric buses provide a reliable and efficient alternative to traditional powertrains while delivering operational savings and near zero emissions. When combined with the reduced fuel cost in addition to lower maintenance costs with fewer moving parts, the math begins to work in the favor a cleaner operating vehicle with climatic and environmental benefits.

Benefits of electric buses

No Engine Oil Changes

No Engine Air Filter Change​

No Smog Check/Testing​

No Spark or Glow Plug, or Coil Replacements

No Transmission Maintenance​

Brake Pad Change Intervals are Longer

Fewer Coolant Changes Needed





Infrastructure Assistance

Electric buses may require an addition to infrastructure for charging demands. We can assist with planning and scaling the infrastructure needs. Charging is available for both AC and DC configurations and our staff can assist in providing guidance for the most economical and expandable options that will meet your needs.

V2G Technology

Electric buses have a unique capability to sell energy back to the grid and help offset charging costs and supply. This technology also allows for planned charging when power is less expensive.

Financial Assistance

Grants, VW Mitigation Funds, subsidies and financial assistance are available to help fleets deploy electric buses.  Please consult with FTS to learn what options are open and available to help your operation go forward with electric.