Top Benefits of Electric Buses

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In the modern age, a plethora of advancements have been made in almost every field imaginable – with transportation evolving rapidly as the years pass by. In the early years of transportation, society relied heavily on fossil fuels and limited energy sources to keep our engines running. However, our world has become increasingly more dependent […]

Why Does a School Bus Stop at Railroad Tracks?

We’ve all been there – chugging along from errand to errand, driving along highways and making one’s way through intersections, when suddenly the familiar rumbling sound appears in the distance, as well as warning bells, and a loud whistle. Whether you live in a rural or populated area, trains and train tracks are common to […]

Benefits of Expanding Public Transportation

In the modern era, individual cars are a normal aspect of daily commutes to work, school, appointments, and errands. Many rarely think twice before hopping into their vehicle and driving along to wherever their destination lies. However, there are many reasons why this traffic infrastructure is not sustainable in certain areas of the country – […]